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How are you Re-Onbording your employees?

Is productivity, employee engagement and staff retention important to you as an employer?

From the 1st August companies started to bring their employees back to work, it's really simple or is it?

CIPD research shows a whopping 49% of employees are really anxious about returning to work, 31% have major concerns about their commute to work and 12% are worried their employers won't provide a safe environment for them to return to the workplace.

The lack of guidance has resulted in employers not being able to show transparency when communicating to their employees, in terms of what's happening and how they will be supported........

It goes way beyond the Governments 3 step guide:

1 - Is it essential that they return to the workplace?

2 - Is it safe, H&S, PPE, phased approach?

3 - Mutually agreed return between employer and employee

Here Bella talks to about the important areas of re-onboarding you may not have considered.

If you have any questions or want to explore this further please contact us:


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