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We Look at the Bigger Picture

We want to build on our relationship with you, we want to be here now and in the future to support you.  We take a consultative approach, which is why we would like to understand what your organsations challenges and objectives are.  Can we help you to implement better working practices, are you looking to implement an appraisal process or is it time to review it, what are the PDP outcomes and skills gaps? 

What do we Charge

Our pricing structure follows the same tailored approach as the courses and programmes we offer, its tailored to your organisation.  Once we have listened to you and understand how we can help, we will provide a flexible pricing model that reflects your needs and budget.


If you just want a quote for a stand alone course, that’s not a problem, just get in touch and we can provide this too. 

When Buying More Means Paying Less

You can buy vouchers and we can hold them in the BANK for you.

If you have a project or have plans to run courses throughout the year, we can create a voucher scheme that will cover the subjects and the number of days you need.  The more days you commit too, the better voucher rate we can offer.  They are valid for 12 months although we can work with you to review the options and offer flexibility that could extend beyond this.  

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