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How does the new levy affect your organisation?


New Government rules - any employer who has a payroll of more than £3million will have to put 0.5% of that payroll into the Apprentice Levy.  


Funding is restricted to the Apprentice Standards where there are strict definitions of what can be interpreted as an apprenticeship.

We are pleased to say that we have specialists in place to support you, providing full consultancy services in this area.  

Apprenticeship Partnering Consultancy - we will work with your organisations to:


  • Identify the most appropriate Apprenticeship Standards for your organisation; by matching your Values, career paths, learning needs and experience/ knowledge/ skills gaps to your recruitment, development and succession planning strategies

  • Develop the coaches and mentors who will lead apprentices through to success at the earliest opportunity

  • Provide necessary behavioural training to address the Apprenticeship Standards, often overlooked by the main training provider, with direct links to your organisational culture.

  • How to access funding

  • Apprentice strategy - what types of apprenticeship are valid, appropriate and relevant for the company

  • Organisational structure, which would accommodate apprentices - recruitment, development, etc

  • Apprentice development which coincides with the learning/ experience an apprentice will receive as part of the apprenticeship

  • Coaching skills for mentors

  • Develop competency matrices for performance, development and talent management

  • Structure development programmes

  • Facilitate assessment centres for recruitment

  • Mentor development

  • Coaching for 1 to 1 and coaching skills

  • Behavioural change courses

Get in touch and find out more about how we can help you

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